Linda Hopkins' appearances in movies and on TV

year title role comment
1994 Leprechaun 2 Housewife comedy movie by Rodman Flender
1991 The Colored Museum Aunt Ethel TV-program, based on the play by George C. WolfeTV-program, based on the play by George C. Wolfe
1987 Disorderlies Buffy's Mother comedy movie by Michael Schultz
1984 Go Tell It On The Mountain Sister McCandless movie by Stan Lathan, based on the drama by James Baldwin
1982 Honkytonk Man Flossie King movie by Clint Eastwood, based on the novel by Clancy Carlile
1982 Stars In One Herself TV-series on SCTV Network 3, season 5, circle 4
1981 Melonvote Herself TV-episode on SCTV Network 90
1979 Roots (The Next Generation) Gospel Singer TV-series, based on the book by Alex Haley, episode 7
1974 The Education of Sonny Carson Lil' Boy's Mother movie by Michael Campus, based on the book by Sonny Carson
1955 Rockin' The Blues ??? movie by Keith Wyatt